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Amazing Quiet Placesubmitted by Marc N. - |Recommended: YesBeen here for a couple of years and we LOVE the new managment
response from property -Good Morning Marc! I would like to take a second to thank you for your great five-star rate!***** We always appreciate your feedback and love to see when our residents are happy. We hope to see you at our monthly resident party next Friday. There will be food, fun, and Karaoke. Also if there is anything that we can ever assist you with please let us now! Thank you and have a fantastic weekend.
Great improvementsubmitted by Margaret M. - |Recommended: NoMaintenance supervisor continues to be a problem. The 2 tenure staff would complete the work orders if they were given to them. Work orders are closed without being completed. Office staff is friendly and helpful.
response from property -Good Evening Mary, I regret to hear that you are having issues with work orders. As a Lincoln Property Company we pride ourselves on customer service and strive to give every resident the best customer service experience we can offer. I will be sure to look into your account to see what is pending and be sure to complete anything that has not been done yet. Our maintenance and office team is always eager to help anyone of our residents. We are glad that you see improvement and thank you for your continued residents here at Algarita Lakeside. We hope you have a great day.
I will respond latersubmitted by Thomas B. - |Recommended: YesThe trash pick up is worthless -- not worth 25 per month
response from property -Good Evening Thomas, We understand that you may not be pleased with the service our Trash Vendor has been providing. We are aware of any issues that we were having and have addressed all issues. Moving forward there should not be any problems regarding trash pick up. However, should anything come up please let us know so that we can contact them with any issues that you may still be having. We thank you for your continued residents at Algarita Lakeside and hope that you have a great day.
Nice startersubmitted by Kaylee M. - |Recommended: Yesits quiet but it is outdated with some things so if u like traditional its a good fit or if u party a lot dont move here
response from property -Good Evening Kaylee, I am happy to hear that you are enjoying your residence at Algarita Lakeside. Thank you for your very kind words and look for to seeing you at our monthly resident party tomorrow evening! There will be lots of food, drinks and fun to go around.! Thank you for your continued residence at Algarita Lakeside and hope that you have a great day!
Its good at some points but bad on more pointssubmitted by Christopher B. - |Recommended: Nothe maintenance guys are really cool. they get to your house and are never in a bad mood. the office people are nice but, it seems like they only want to charge you for every little thing. My friend is moving out of his apartment here at Algarita lakeside and we figured we could just transfer into a different apartment maybe pay 200 to transfer. But that isn't the case, we have to re apply, get re approved ,pay 400 to transfer then a 250 application. They say well we would be losing an apartment......um his lease ends next week. your going to lose one anyway. Sometimes I just think....They might say they want the best for everyone but I just don't have that feeling. I will say the GM at this property is really nice tho. She seems like the pnly one who kinda cares. I would not recommend any of my people to move in here cause they are jacking the pricing up saying they are trying to raise the market. Well before you do that how about you make the place nicer or something. everything is the same from Firmus. Nothing has changed.
response from property -Good Evening Chris, I am sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the transfer policies. We are happy to help you transfer to another unit. Please contact me at my office so that I can go over the policies and see where you are at in the transferring process. We appreciate your continued residence here at Algarita Lakeside and hope that you have a great day.
Great place to live . Close to everything we need.submitted by Mary H. - |Recommended: YesManagement is responsive to issues. Maintenace is great. Trees are lovely. Best location for our needs. Quiet and peaceful.
response from property -Thank you for the great review Mary! We absolutely love having you as a resident with us! Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your already positive living experience even better. -The Algarita Lakeside Team
LOOKING FORWARD TO MY FUTURE THEREsubmitted by Janine - |Recommended: YesI am recently wed and my husband and I have been looking high and low for the right place for us. I am SO impressed with Algarita Lakeside. The great vibes are all there and we cannot wait to get into that inviting pool and get our swim on this summer Our leasing agent Kaitlin was THE BEST. She was very accommodating, informative and friendly. She made the process of FINALLY finding our new place together as husband wife the best experience Can’t wait to sign
response from property -Thank you for the great review Janine! We are delighted to hear that you have been met with such great support from our team! Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your already positive experience even better! We're so happy to have you both here with us soon! -Algarita Lakeside Team
The worst place to livesubmitted by Vincent S. - |Recommended: NoIf you like giving money away live here I have had my overall rent go up every month
response from property -Good Morning Vincent, I am very sorry to hear that you are not pleased with Algarita Lakeside Apartments. Our goal is to ensure that each resident has an enjoyable and comfortable experience while living at Algarita Lakeside. I would like the opportunity to speak to you about the issues you ma be having. I am certain that we can resolve any issues for you. Until then, we hope that you have a pleasant day.
Wish it was kept up better. Wish people would pick up after their pets. Some do but most don’t.submitted by Rachel O. - |Recommended: NoI probably wouldn’t suggest this property. I have had many requests to fix things that were supposed to be done before I moved in. Haven’t been completed. I do like Frank. He fixes everything that we’ve asked. Very Trustworthy.
response from property -Good Morning Rachel, I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the upkeep of the property and your work orders were not completed in a timely manner. It is our goal at Algarita Lakeside to ensure that each resident receives the best customer service and timely service for all you apartments needs. I am very happy to hear that Frank has provided you with good service and will make sure that all f your issues will be addressed in a timely manner. We thank you for your review and hope you have a great day.
Great place to live in peace.submitted by Darrell B. - |Recommended: YesGood place, the staff is nice. The trail for walking is excellent and of course the ponds are beautiful on a sunny day.
response from property -Thank you for the great review Darrell! We are so happy to have you as a resident and are pleased you're enjoying your stay at Algarita Lakeside!
PARKINGsubmitted by Joseph P. - |Recommended: NoParking is a huge problem that has not been addressed. The residences are parking in the street due to a lot of the parking areas are reserved. These areas have not been updated and a lot of them are not reserved. Just do away with the reserved slots. I am sure there will not be that many complaints. Its a shame that people that pay rent are parking in the streets.
response from property -Good Morning Joseph, We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble with parking. We understand that this can be an issue as we are currently in the process of organizing our parking system/methods for the property. We are happy to announce that once our carports and parking lots have been updated all residents will have an opportunity to rent a covered parking space for everyone's convenience. Until then we appreciate your patience with this matter and hope that you have a pleasant day.
response from property -Good Morning Alexander, We would like to thank you for your very kind review. We are happy to hear that you are enjoying your home with all the amenities Algarita Lakeside has to offer. As a reminder, if there is anything that we can ever assist you with please let us know so that we can address any questions or concerns. Again, thank you for your review and we hope that you have a great day!
Parkingsubmitted by Kathy R. - |Recommended: YesPlease remind people Not to park in paid reserved spaces Someone parked in my space today Thanks
response from property -e sGood Morning Kathy, I would like to thank you for your four star review. We are sorry to hear that you are having troubles with other residents parking in your parking space. As a reminder, we are currently in the process of addressing the parking situation so that we can have an organized system. Once this is all addressed each resident will have the opportunity to rent a covered parking space so that everyone has a convenient parking option. We appreciate your patience with this matter and hope you have a peasant day!
Needs worksubmitted by Jason F. - |Recommended: NoI would them to pay attention to the details. Parking is between bad and atrocious. The reserved slots have concrete pillars around them which I would assume were for some covered spots at some point. If you do not pay for a spot try to stick to the outlying apartments -i.e- stay away from building 1 - 8. There has been a giant storage thing blocking 6-8 spots. Some people just park on the street. Noise during the summer months near the pool is less then pleasant but it was chosen. My original neighbors were removed for CPS violations -i.e.- I found thier 3 year old outside playing at 3 am while thier parents were passed out, drugs and ended up being evicted. My other neighbors I have called the police on due to a violent disagreement. My neighbor behind me was arrested 2 months into living here. Despite this I actually am not incredibly worried. There is a sense of community. Well that and the 40 in my gun safe. Grounds. If there was one thing that was a solid check would be the grounds. It was done nicely. Some issues include the large variety of dog droppings. The fact that the pool during the summer was being cleaned maybe once a week but is still gorgeous. The gym is sadly lacking weights and was broken for about 2 months but does have a fair amount of cardio equipment. I feel like I am in a legends of hidden temple trying to get to my apartment. Construction The layouts are good except a few issues. The apartment I am in has two bedrooms. The front bed room gets no heat in the winter and little ac in the summer. the fireplace is awesome. The apartment above mine has structural dmg to the exteriour of the apartment. I have not had a gate since I moved in. The old fixtures were just pulled out of the ceiling. My ac unit sounds like it is a turbo prop jet. My unit has had chronic electrical problems. Someone made so two of my drawers in the kitchen do not open unless the oven door is open. Maintenance Something is always broken. My apartment has ants despite not living in my apartment for 2 months. Thank you Army. My electrical issues have been present since I moved in. My gate on my porch that is broken and has been broken since I moved in and after being jerked around I have given up on it. I was considering breaking my lease but its not worth the hassle considering i only have 3 more months. Staff I actually like the staff here. The maintenance guys do as much as they can with as little as they are given out. For the most part the front desk is the most turn over. i actually like the blonde whose name I think is Michelle or something along those lines. They did recently go through a property changeout. I can not recommend the property for the amount they want. I will not being renewing my lease. I am sad at the amount of wasted potential.
response from property -Good Morning Jason, I would like to thank you for your review. We are always appreciative of the helpful suggestions that our residents fell would make Algarita Lakeside a more enjoyable living experience. We are sorry to hear that you will not be renewing your lease with us but, understand that your existing issues cause concern. With Lincoln Property Company we always try to achieve the best customer service and we are sorry to hear that we will no t have the opportunity to show you the exceptional service that Lincoln Property Company can offer you. I am aware of your concerns as we spoke in the office last week and will have our maintenance team address your work orders as soon as possible. Again, we appreciate your insight and hope that you have a pleasant day and enjoyable remaining lease with us.
Parking Valet Trash Rent Payment Methodssubmitted by Stephen C. - |Recommended: No1 Fix the parking situation immediately. There are too many reserved parking spots. 2 Make valet trash optional. Either remove it from the bill or credit the account for that amount. We were forced to purchase this service and I have asked several times for it to stop and to not be charged for it. This service is not worth 30 a month, money which would be better spent on food healthcare. I would not have rented this apartment knowing I would be forced to buy valet trash. 3 Thank you for finally giving us a way to pay rent that does not charge us money.
response from property -Good Morning Stephen, We are sorry to hear that you are not pleased with the parking and trash. We understand that parking can be difficult but we are happy to let you know that we will be organizing the parking to better suit all residents. Soon all residents will have the option of renting a covered parking spot for their convenience. We would also like to explain the reason for valet trash. This method not only maintains the neatness of the property but, also allows each resident to place there trash and recycling outside there front doors from Sunday to Monday to allow for easy pick up. We are happy to hear that your are pleased with the resident portal that gives each resident the option to pay without charging a fee. As a reminder, you are also able to put in service requests and contacts us for any of your apartment home needs. Thank you and have a great day.

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